The Dublin Lectures 2014

Lectures from our series will be presented on this page for free public access throughout the year.

April 23rd – Roy Foster - Radical Metropolis: Dublin before the Revolution

Roy Foster, Carroll Professor of Irish History at Oxford University, profiles the revolutionary generation of 1890-1920.

April 23rd – Cathy Swift - Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf

A thousand years after the Battle of Clontarf, Dr Cathy Swift revisits the events of that extraordinary day in Irish history.

January 22nd – Frank Callanan, Remembering Conor Cruise O'Brien

Frank Callanan on politician, writer and academic Conor Cruise O’Brien, one of the most radical Dubliners of the 20th century.

February 12th – Colin Murphy - The strange history of a Dublin square

Colin Murphy tells the intriguing story of Smithfield and its horse fair through the ages.

February 12th – Adrian Hardiman - Paddy Dignam's life insurance

Adrian Hardiman explores an unusual feature of James Joyce's Ulysses.