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The Director’s Quiz 2021

The Director’s Quiz 2021

Picture the scene. It’s Christmas Day. You are at home with a full belly and a short temper. Your ever-loving family are trying your patience. What are you going to do with them?

If that sounds familiar, read on…

Our director is obsessed with general knowledge and, yes, history. These twin passions come together in his annual quiz. It’s a fun way to keep the whole family occupied for a while on Christmas Day.

Three lucky people will be chosen at random to win a family membership for 2022. We’ll announce the winners in the next edition of the Museum Gazette.

To print the quiz, just click here. And if you are the self-appointed quizmaster in your house, you’ll probably need the answers too. Here they are!

Once you have completed the quiz, please email a picture of it to our director, Trevor White, at

Good luck… and Happy Christmas.