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“We loved this little museum and our tour guide Marissa was amazing, also we were absolutely not forced to write this review. We think that this kind of entertaining museum works much more than the passive one of watching some walls with objects. We also liked the gift shop, in which you can find very smelly soaps!

There’s a treasure hunt to do as well, you might need to ask for it but once they give you the map, you can go around the park and find your answers . It was funny because not only children like to play. We, adults, wanna play even more than the little ones.
Leanna McIntosh

Fantastic experience made all the better by Eamon’s informative and highly entertaining guidance. Would DEFINITELY recommend.

Michael Augustine


“A must see museum in Dublin!! The Guide, Amanda, was fantastic, witty, very knowledgeable and very ‘Dublinish’!!”
Abel Hermansson


“Trevor!! Trevor made learning about the history of Dublin very fun and exciting, interacting with the tourists here in Dublin. I would do the tour again just to hear him speak. Thank You Trevor.”
Petra Gärtner


“Absolutely loved this little museum – so much stuff in a small space and the tour guide (Layla) was very entertaining and seemed to genuinely enjoy her job – brilliant fun and well worth the small admission fee!”
Amaury Tisserand


“I really appreciated this place! It’s both visually appealing and interesting. They’ve really packaged it all beautifully, and the building itself is gorgeous. I would definitely recommend the guided tour, it painted a wonderful picture and Mark was a real storyteller!”
Amelia Henry


“Best Little Museum in Dublin! Very small museum with excellent information (history of Ireland in one spot), displays, and guides. Ciaran was cheeky and brilliant. U2 room was nostalgic and fans delight.”
Cecilia Walter


“Such a fun and engaging way to learn about the history of Dublin. Emma our tour guide was so amazing! Her enthusiasm and humour made her tour (or should I say incredible performance!) that much more fun. If you’re tired of walking through museums, this 30 minute tour is perfect!”
Madeline Burns

This was an absolutely fantastic experience. We fully expected a very dry, very factual run through Irish history by a tour guide; instead we got a fun, informative, animated, incredibly memorable telling of the history of Ireland by our tour guide Emma, who was utterly brilliant!!! Would most definitely recommend.

Merl Roberts

“Our visit to the museum was really worthwhile. We learned so many things. Eamon was our guide and he was exceptionally good. It was just the right mix of humor and history lesson. Recommend this to anyone spending time in Dublin.”
Harold Miles


“Amanda was an engaging story teller and historian, she held everyone’s attention and asked for input from the audience and that made us feel like part of the tour experience. She laid out the history of Ireland hitting the major beats to help those of us unfamiliar with it get up to speed and also sprinkled in tidbits of lesser known facts, which I particularly enjoyed. The inclusion of city-related poetry was lovely. Highly recommend to all.”
Melba Reichert


“The ‘tour’ by Emma was simply amazing. She made the story of Ireland/Dublin come to life in such a humorous and educating way that even the most bored students would be engaged.

An absolute “must-see” when you visit Dublin as a tourist, and maybe even if you are a local!!!”
Allen Batz