Wanted: Quirky Dublin Souvenirs!

We’re revamping our shop here at the Little Museum of Dublin.

At the moment we sell traditional souvenirs. While they are popular, they do not reflect the charm and personality of the museum itself. Also, we would prefer to promote local craftspeople and designers. That’s why we are about to re-imagine the retail offering, just in time for the start of our busy summer season.

If you are a local craftsperson or designer and you’d like to work with us, read on:

–      We want to find original, quirky gift products that retail for NO MORE THAN €20, ideally for less than €10. –      There must be a strong Dublin connection eg made in Dublin or about Dublin –      If the product speaks to the history of Dublin in some way, great. –      If you are willing to brand the product with the Little Museum logo, all the better. –      We are interested in everything from knitwear to cosmetics to jewellery and homewares.

If you want to work with us, please email Mary Kehoe on office@littlemuseum.ie. Any questions, please ring Mary on 01 661 1000