The Little Museum Welcomes Dr Patrick Geoghegan

Dr Geoghegan
Dr Geoghegan

Last night the museum was fortunate to host Dr Patrick Geoghegan's lecture on the life of Robert Emmet as a part of our 2013 Lecture Series sponsored by Davy.  This was the same lecture that the Hist of Trinity College Dublin advertised as 'the lecture when the students stop typing.'  Attendees included members of the Emmet family - among them Thomas, who this year became the first male Emmet since Robert himself to study at the famous University.

Dr Geoghegan delivered an appropriately eloquent and passionate lecture on Emmet's doomed rebellion and the subsequent speech from the dock which still resonates today.  Emmet's speech from the dock, Dr Geoghegan told us, is so powerful because he delivered it in the knowledge that he had failed and in the knowledge that he was facing certain death the next day.  His bravery in the face of that adversity would later inspire such figures as Padraig Pearse, Abraham Lincoln, and Eamon Dunphy.

Perhaps even more powerful was Dr Geoghegan's account of the letter Emmet wrote only moments before he was marched to the scaffold to Chief Secretary of Ireland, William Wickham, who was so moved that he resigned from the British government.

Dr Geoghegan will be returning to the Little Museum next year with a lecture on Daniel O'Connell.