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The Wings of Ireland

The Wings of Ireland

The history of aviation is filled with Irish people. These record-breaking, death-defying, endlessly inventive men and women took to the skies – and made history.

The Little Museum of Dublin paid tribute to the explorers, tycoons and hare-brained eccentrics who were our pioneering aviators.

  • Visitors to the exhibition could follow the flight of Irish aviation from the thrills and spills of the earliest aviators to a world-class industry.
  • Learned why one out of every five passenger planes in the world is managed from Ireland.
  • Saw the evolution of Irish aircraft, from hot-air balloons to flying boats to jumbo jets.
  • Met the air hostesses who dressed like supermodels, the priest who built an airport, and the cat, the sheep and the cow who all played a part in Irish aviation history.

This exhilarating new exhibition was sponsored by the Irish Aviation Authority, Avolon, Dublin Airport and the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, with support from our patrons in Dublin City Council. 

The Wings of Ireland: A People’s History of Irish Aviation opens in The Ireland Funds Gallery at the Little Museum of Dublin on the 17th of July 2018.