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My name is Eileen Flynn

My name is Eileen Flynn

The Little Museum of Dublin presents the ‘My Name is Eileen Flynn’ exhibition

“I was born in 1989. We lived in Labre Park, Ballyfermot, the oldest official halting site in Dublin. My twin sister Sally and I were the youngest of nine children.”

The Little Museum is proud to present an exhibition about the life of Senator Eileen Flynn.

Eileen grew up in “a wonderful community of Travellers” in Labre Park. “But the living conditions were very poor, and the state did not provide the services we needed, which made the community we had all the more important. It wasn’t about what we had in our lives, it was about who we had.”

On 28 June 2020, Eileen became a Senator, the first Traveller to become a member the Oireachtas, the Irish parliament. A new mural by artist Fiona McDonnell documents Eileen’s life. This is a powerful and inspirational story about a woman “fighting to break down barriers for all.”