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Dublin, Your Face

Dublin, Your Face

Introducing Dublin, Your Face, the winner of the 2023 Dublin Port Short film prize. This film dramatises a poem by Majella Kelly, an award-winning photographer who has just published her first book of poetry, The Speculations of Country People. The hauntingly lyrical debut collection has been widely acclaimed. 

Directed by the multi-award winning director and writer Natasha Waugh, Dublin, Your Face features a wealth of star narrators, including Colm Meaney, Denise McCormack & Jim Sheridan. 

A film poem that explores the identity of the capital, with a running time of 7 minutes and 25 seconds, Dublin, Your Face features a dream-cast of narrators, a poignant soundscape and magnificent footage of Dublin. The result is a powerful new statement about the lived experience of being Dublin. 

We’re proud of the film and excited about bringing it to a large audience. The poetry by Majella Kelly encapsulates what is unique about the city, while the film provides a vivid and dreamlike vantage point for each verse. 

This film was commissioned by The Dublin Port Company and The Little Museum of Dublin as the 2022 winner of the Port Short Film Prize.