What the critics say

“One of my favourite attractions is the Little Museum of Dublin, a gem of a place housed in a beautiful Georgian townhouse on the north side of St Stephen’s Green, and filled with material and items, which tell a vivid story of twentieth-century Dublin. This is history at its most captivating and human.” – Sunday Telegraph

“Go to its exemplary Little Museum and you get a neat tot of Dublin’s élan. Even the captions are both captivating and captious. Tradition is there all right, and so is mischief.” – The Guardian

“Idiosyncratic and endearing, the Little Museum of Dublin is an unexpected treat. A portrait of the city as detailed and sweeping as Ulysses, only much, much more accessible.” – GQ

“To get a crash course on all things Dublin, start your day with a visit to the the Little Museum of Dublin. This charming and chock-full museum is relatively new to the scene but it'll teach all you ever wanted to know about the city's recent history – from Queen Victoria's visit in 1900 to the meteoric rise of local band U2. You’ll get a solid background on 20th-century Dublin, as well as an insight into the quirks and pop culture unseen beyond local borders.” – Condé Nast Traveller

“Irreverent and rather wonderful” – Sunday Times

“The Little Museum of Dublin is everything that’s good about Dublin in microcosm. It’s a scene of meticulously organised chaos. Like the city itself, it houses within its confines the relics of bygone eras. And just like Dublin, it oozes a sense of nascent creativity, of something exciting coming into being.” – Irish Times 

“Ireland's No.1 museum is a small non-profit housed in a Georgian building overlooking Dublin's Stephen's Green. That's according to TripAdvisor, which has just named the Little Museum of Dublin as Ireland's top museum in its Travellers' Choice Awards.” – Irish Independent

“The Little Museum tells the tale of Dublin and Irish history in a wonderfully sardonic, fun-filled way... The hour felt like 15 minutes as it’s an hour filled with humour, quirkiness, song and a healthy dose of Irish cynicism. I can’t recommend it enough.” – Irish Examiner