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About the Programme

Can I take my class to visit the museum?

Yes. Visits to the Little Museum take place at 11.30am on weekdays throughout the academic year. We can accommodate one class at a time.

How much does it cost to visit?

Nothing. Class visits are now free for all primary and secondary schools across the island of Ireland as part of our Freedom of Dublin programme. This inclusion initiative is sponsored by our patrons in BNY Mellon. The I Love Dublin Children’s Education Programme is also available to international school groups, but there is a charge of €350. Please contact for further details.

What happens in an I Love Dublin experience?

Your students will be given a half-hour introduction to the museum and the history of Dublin. They can expect to learn about everything from the 1916 Proclamation to Podge & Rodge.

Students can then explore the rest of the museum and our collection under the supervision of their teacher.

Each I Love Dublin experience typically lasts about 60 minutes in total.

What is the maximum class size that can be accommodated?

25 students plus 2 teachers.

Are teachers required to supervise students?

Yes, teachers must supervise their students throughout their visit to the museum.

Do you have a place to eat?

No, but there is a wonderful café called Tang on the corner of Dawson Street. If you show your museum ticket, you’ll get a 10% discount.

Is the museum wheelchair accessible?

Not at the moment. We’re working on it.

“I was so impressed with the education programme of the Little Museum that I joined as a Friend. The free classes for school children are particularly important as they give Dublin children a sense of ownership of their own town, and children from the rest of the country a pride in our capital city.”