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How to support our work

Founded in 2011, the Little Museum of Dublin is a registered charity. Its collection was created by public donation, and the museum is now regarded as one of Ireland’s most exciting cultural institutions.

This is an invitation to play your part in a great civic adventure.

Become a Member You will enjoy unlimited visits to the museum for the next 12 months, in addition to discounts in the museum shop and café.

Our campaign for a world-class museum

The Little Museum is a success story. With your help we will double the size of the museum in the next year. If you want a world-class cultural institution to be part of your legacy to Dublin, please this registered charity by donating to our capital campaign.

Your gift will help us to create more award-winning exhibitions and a dedicated education centre for the civic-minded leaders of tomorrow. We have an ambitious vision to create universal access, and ownership of these buildings will enable the institution to outlive us all.

If you think Dublin deserves a world-class museum, and if you want that museum to be part of your legacy to future generations, please support our capital campaign today. If you want the history of this great city to be remembered for generations to come, please support our capital campaign.

For more information on our capital campaign, ring Trevor White on 01 662 9772 today.

Donate an Artefact

If your donation is accepted for our permanent collection, you will receive a Dual Membership valid one year from the donation date