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The Little Museum features artefacts with a clear Dublin connection. These include paintings, drawings, sculpture, cartoons, letters, posters, photographs, telegrams, books, autographs, advertising, games and oddities. We do not accept artefacts on loan.

At the moment we are looking for donations of:

  • Artefacts related to the 1913 Lockout
  • Michael Collins items with a Dublin connection
  • Popular culture artefacts from the 1980s and 1990s
  • Old toys that are still working, so children can use them in the museum
  • Old machines that still work which have a WOW factor
  • Fine Gael paraphernalia, letters and election posters
  • Anything to do with the Women’s Movement of the 60s/70s
  • Anything to do with Heffo’s Army/Dublin GAA in the 1970s

To submit an object for the collection, please email a photograph of it to

Note: Please do NOT send your artefact into the museum. We cannot accept responsibility for any materials delivered to this office without our consent.