U2: Made in Dublin

Our new exhibition, U2: Made in Dublin, is open on the second floor of the museum. Charting the story of the band from 1976 all the way up to the present day, this fan-curated exhibition features musical rarities, signed albums and some great photography, alongside items such as a Trabant car, a Gibson Explorer, a life-size sculpture of MacPhisto and even a pack of U2 condoms.

The exhibition was curated by fans of the band alongside some of Ireland’s best photographers and artists, as a tribute to the achievements of U2 and a celebration of their roots in the local music scene of the 1970s. A soundtrack narrated by Tom Dunne tells the story of the band with rare live recordings from the Dandelion Market all the way through to Croke Park. It’s already proving hugely popular with fans of Ireland’s most famous musical export.

“Us Dubs are naturally skeptical types, and that’s no bad thing,” says museum director Trevor White. “But it also means that U2 don’t get much credit here in their hometown. We’re thrilled to be celebrating Ireland’s greatest rock band here in the people’s museum of Dublin.”

The exhibition is “very much a work in progress,” according to curator Simon O’Connor. “Fans are coming in with new items every day.” Among the curators of the show is Professor Scott Calhoun, director of the U2 Conference and editor of Exploring U2, who is one of the leading experts on the band in the world today.

This brilliant new exhibition is now open seven days a week.