The Shaking Hand of Dublin

Alfie Byrne was the most popular Dublin-born politician of the 20th Century. Until recently he had never been the subject of a biography or an exhibition in his hometown. Byrne's personal archive is now on view in the Little Museum.

Elected as Lord Mayor of Dublin a record ten times, Alfie Byrne was called the “Shaking hand of Dublin” and “Alfred the Great” by the press, but Dubliners knew him simply as “Alfie.” Even today, nearly 60 years after his death, many Dubliners remember this short, dapper figure with affection. But his achievements have not been officially recognised and he hardly gets a mention in most histories of modern Ireland.

This landmark exhibition remembers the life and times of the only man in history who served as an MP, a TD, a Senator, a Councillor and Lord Mayor. 

The Shaking Hand of Dublin is on the second floor of the Little Museum of Dublin