Leave to Remain:
Refugees in Ireland 1847-2017

Extended by popular demand until May 12, 2019

“All around me people died in a simple conclusion of calamity.” – Sebastian Barry

Our spring exhibition reflects on the relationship between victims of the Great Famine and people from all over the world who seek shelter in Ireland today.

At first glance, Leave to Remain is a photography show, with photographs by Serbian artist Vukasin Nedeljkovic, recording his experience of direct provision for three years.

The captions document the ordeal of a young Irishman on a coffin ship bound for Quebec in 1847, in a text written by the Irish novelist Sebastian Barry.

In comparing the two environments (“another thousand ships heaving with their melancholy freight”) Leave to Remain explores our complex shared history and the reality of life for some people in Ireland today.

The exhibition features filmed interviews with people who have made Ireland their home in recent years.

This exhibition is supported by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Leave to Remain closes at 5pm on May 12 2019.