Work at the Little Museum

The Little Museum is not so little anymore. If you want to join our award-winning team, keep an eye on this page.

Community Employment Scheme – Museum Guide and Attendant

Please note: Applicants must be unemployed at least one year to be eligible for this role

Hours: 19.5 hours per week including one weekend day

As a tour guide in the Little Museum of Dublin, you will work at the reception desk, greeting visitors, working a till and credit card machine, and providing information to visitors. You will also serve as a tour guide giving tours to groups on the hour. This requires you to memorise and present a script. You will also be asked to help with other tasks such as helping prepare for exhibitions or special events, cleaning the museum and staffing events. The ideal candidate is someone responsible and charming who loves acting and meeting people.

Skills necessary:

- Ability to interact with public in an engaging manner
- Ability to memorize and deliver a script
- Love of acting and history
- A passion for Dublin and its people
- Proficiency with a till/credit card machine 

For more information please send your CV to Muireann by email: muireann [at]

Community Employment Scheme – Office Administrator

Please note: Applicants must be unemployed at least one year to be eligible for this role

Hours: 19.5 hours per week

Join us as an office administrator in the Little Museum of Dublin. You will work in our office, answering phones, responding to emails, and helping to coordinate staff. You will also be asked to help with other administrative tasks such as collating and inputting visitor information.

Skills necessary:

- Ability to interact with public in an engaging manner
- Proficiency with phone systems and Mac computers
- Familiarity with the Gmail suite of applications
- A passion for Dublin and its people

For more information please send your CV to Muireann by email: muireann [at]

Student Internships

Our acclaimed internship programme provides suitable candidates with an opportunity to gain valuable experience of working in a small, dynamic cultural organisation. Each internship lasts a minimum of 12 weeks. Please note that unfortunately we cannot consider applications from students who are available for less than 12 weeks. 

At the moment we are looking for friendly students with fluent English. The majority of each intern's time is spent on the floor, greeting visitors to the museum and ensuring that the building runs smoothly. 

To apply, please send your CV by email to: muireann [at]


"Volunteering at the Little Museum has been one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things I've done in years."– Andrea Carr, Cabra

Our volunteers have long memories and good stories. While working here can be tiring, and the building gets very busy, our volunteers usually love the experience. They are an integral and hugely popular part of the team here at the people’s museum of Dublin. Would you like to join us?

Volunteering FAQs

I love the Little Museum, but don’t know much about history - can I still apply?

Yes, the museum wants to involve a wide range of volunteers with different levels of knowledge, interest, experience and availability. 

What are a volunteer’s duties?

Volunteers are a vital part of making the museum a friendly and welcoming place for all our visitors. Most of  their time is spent engaging visitors in conversation about the exhibits, the museum, and Dublin in general, as well as answering any questions they may have. We ask for a commitment of one day a week, from 9.30 until 17.00, with an hour's break for lunch.

Is there an age restriction to volunteering?

The museum has volunteers aged 18 upwards. There is no upper age limit.

What would I get in return for volunteering?

Volunteers are an integral part of the Little Museum family, giving Dublin the world-class city museum that it deserves. Volunteering offers the opportunity to meet new people, develop skills and experience, learn more about the history of Dublin and contribute to the ongoing dialogue which the museum inspires. Volunteers may also take advantage of a discount in the museum shop and Hatch and Sons Café.

Does volunteering lead to a job at the museum?

Volunteer roles are not created with a view to leading to paid employment at the museum. They are different from staff jobs and are designed to support the museum’s work in different ways.

I’m looking for a school work experience placement - do you do these?

Work experience is different from volunteering. Currently the museum does not have the capacity to offer work experience placements, but may do so in the future.

I receive welfare benefits - can I still volunteer?

Yes, you may do some unpaid work as a volunteer and keep your social welfare payment. However, you must continue to meet all the conditions attached to your payment.

Can I talk to someone about volunteering at the museum?

Yes, for further information, please email


"I’ve been working as a volunteer at the Little Museum of Dublin for the last two years, and enjoy talking to visitors about my native city. I find that some want to know more about the city’s history and the best visitor experiences, but most want to hear about the stuff you don’t get in the history of guide books. They’ll want to know things like where Bruce Springsteen goes for a pint when he’s in town or where Bono hangs out.

I think about what I’d want to learn and do if I visit a place I haven’t been to before. It  could be a funny story about a famous figure, or a building or a park which has a particular significance but isn’t mentioned in the official guide, or where locals go to socialise. That’s the kind of thing I remember from my visits to other cities and that’s the kind of thing I like sharing with visitors to Dublin."

Ciarán Kinsella, Little Museum Volunteer