How to donate an artefact to the museum

As our goal is to create a permanent people's museum of Dublin, we do not accept loans for the collection. If you want to donate an artefact, please do not bring it into the museum. Instead, please photograph the item and the send the photograph to Here is some other information that might be useful:

– All items donated to the museum are fully documented, insured, thoroughly secure and subject to our conservation policy. 

We don't have an archive. Unlike many museums, we accept only items that we intend to display. And as we don't have an archival remit, or the storage space to support one, we are not a repository for family papers, unsorted documents etc.

– We like objects that tell a big story or shine a light on some aspect of life in Dublin.  It could be a ticket to a famous sporting event, a poster for a seminal concert, or a product from a prominent business that has long since vanished from the city.  

– We only display original items. We can't exhibit photocopied documents, photographs copied from newspapers etc.

Finally, please note that we cannot accept responsibility for any materials delivered to this office without our consent. To repeat: do not send objects to to the museum unless asked to do so by the curator. 

So what are we looking for? 

At the moment we are particularly looking for:

  • Items of major historical interest

  • Artefacts related to the 1913 Lockout

  • Letters from famous Dubliners (or their passports)

  • Michael Collins items with a Dublin connection

  • Popular culture artefacts from the 1980s and 1990s

  • Old toys that are still working – so children can use them in the museum

  • Old machines or mechanical devices with a WOW factor

  • Fine Gael paraphernalia, letters and election posters

  • Anything to do with the Women’s Movement of the 60s/70s

  • Items that tell the story of Heffo’s Army/Dublin GAA

Submissions are assessed by our curatorial team, and we aim to respond to each submission within four weeks.  Please send a photograph of the item you propose donating to

Also, please download a copy of our standard donation form:

Donation Form

Here are some more examples of artefacts we want to exhibit.

  • Games, Oddities and Devices Telescopes, grip machines, vending machines, sporting devices/equipment, scientific instruments, gambling paraphernalia, children's games, optical illusions and Edwardian entertainments.

  • Art The city has produced many great painters and sculptors. Perhaps you own an important piece of Dublin art that you’re happy to share with the people of the city.

  • Letters and Cards Have you ever received a letter or card from a celebrated Dubliner, on a subject of interest to the Irish public today? If so, we’d love to see it.

  • Stamps We are particularly interested in limited edition stamps with a Dublin connection from the first half of the century.

  • Furniture Outstanding examples of local design and craftsmanship. This might include armchairs, tables, decorative fittings and furniture.

  • Books Dublin is a UNESCO City of Literature. We’re keen to exhibit first editions of celebrated works by local authors.

  • Miscellaneous Artefacts If you have something that can help us to tell the story of Dublin, we would love to see it – even if it doesn’t fit neatly within one of the categories on this page.