Feedback and Complaints

"I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself." – Oscar Wilde

Freedom of speech is one of the foundations of democracy, and the Little Museum is proud of its role as a forum for public debate. Most visitors are fair-minded enough to recognise that to exhibit an object (or, for that matter, to host a talk) is not to endorse the ideas and opinions represented. It is to uphold the right of all people to experience diverse visions and views. And when controversies arise in the museum, we welcome public discussion. However, consistent with our commitment to freedom of speech, we will not censor work in response to political or ideological pressure.

The Little Museum of Dublin (LMOD) is committed to ensuring that all our communications and dealings with the general public and our supporters are of the highest possible standard. We listen and respond to the views of the general public and our supporters so that we can to continue to improve.

LMOD welcomes both positive and negative feedback. We aim to ensure that:

  • It is as easy as possible to make a complaint.

  • We treat as a complaint any clear expression of dissatisfaction with our operations which calls for a response.

  • We treat it seriously whether its made by telephone, letter, email or in person.

  • We deal with it quickly and politely.

  • We respond accordingly for example, with an explanation, or an apology where we have got things wrong and information on any action taken.

  • We learn from complaints, use them to improve, and monitor them at our board.

Feedback and complaints procedure

STAGE ONE: If you have feedback or a complaint

If you have a complaint about any aspect of our work, you can contact the Little Museum of Dublin in writing or by telephone. In the first instance, your complaint will be dealt with by our Deputy Director.

Please give as much information as you can and let us know how you would like us to respond to you, providing relevant contact details.

Telephone 01 661 1000, email or write to Sarah Costigan, The Little Museum of Dublin, 15 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2

STAGE TWO: What happens next

If you complain in person or over the phone we will try to resolve the issue there and then. Similarly, if you complain by email or in writing we will always acknowledge your complaint within 7 days and do everything we can to resolve it within 21 days.  If this is not possible, we will explain and provide a new deadline.

STAGE THREE: What if your complaint is not resolved

If you are not happy with our response, you may get in touch again by writing to our chairman, who will ensure that your appeal is considered at board level and will respond within two weeks of this consideration by board members.

Write to: Chairman, The Little Museum of Dublin, 15 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.

Monitoring group

Ideally in the first instance you should address your complaint to us as outlined above. You may however at any stage make your complaint in writing to a monitoring group who oversee charities' compliance with the statement of guiding principles for fundraising.

Write to the Chair, Monitoring group ICTR (Irish Charities Tax Research Limited), 85 Merrion Square South, Dublin 2 Tel: (01) 676 9908 Email:

What happens next

You will receive confirmation of receipt of your complaint. The monitoring group will consider complaints and will respond according to its own procedures.