Little Stories, Little Prints

A 1916 Commemorative Visual Arts Project through Printmaking

The Ireland Funds Gallery, January 16-25, 2016


The Leinster Printmaking Studio, Clane, Co. Kildare, with support from the Kildare County Council Arts and Library Services presents a 1916 commemorative project through printmaking. Almost fifty printmakers from eight printmaking studios around Ireland have accepted an invitation to participate in the project, which aims to create awareness of little known events or incidents during and around the time of the Easter Rising in 1916.

Through a variety of organised events the artists were encouraged to research incidents and aspects of life at the time of the Rising and to create little prints in response to their research. The project is also being supported by Dublin City Public Libraries – this year long programme of exhibitions and workshops can be followed at 

The project tours libraries in Kildare and Dublin City as well as venues in Wicklow, Galway, Donegal, Cork and Westmeath throughout 2016. The exhibitions are accompanied in most venues by a workshop for adults and/or children, and a small selection of the resulting work may be added to the website, thus building up a record of events and activities.  A limited edition exhibition publication is available for purchase on request. 

The Leinster Printmaking Studio (LPS) was founded in 1998 by a group of artists led by Margaret Becker, with support from the Arts Council and Kelt. Drawing its members from the surrounding areas of Kildare, Wicklow, Wexford, West Dublin, Offaly, Meath and Laois,  the studio is currently funded by Kildare County Council Arts Service and the members themselves,

The LPS caters for anyone with an interest in printmaking. It offers facilities for producing prints in a wide variety of methods such as intaglio, aquatint, carborundum, screenprint, photo-etch and photo-lithography. It is a ‘safe’ or ‘green’ studio – whenever possible, members strive to use safe and non-toxic materials. Over the years the LPS has established links with other printmaking workshops in Ireland and abroad.  Further information: